Legacy – Is An EV Price War About to Begin?

Legacy – Is An EV Price War About to Begin?

Legacy auto manufacturers are now taking electric vehicles very seriously and are positioning their companies to take on Tesla. 


In this episode, we talk about:


– Ford Motor Company CEO, Jim Farley and his prediction of an EV price war when automakers reach the $25,000 price point, his comment that people will pay tens of thousands of dollars to sleep in their car, and that it’s time for his company to explore selling EVs direct-to consumer


– GM’s price drop on the 2023 Chevy Bolt EV and EUV. The new pricing puts them very close to the $25,000 EV, putting it within reach of consumers who wish to buy an EV.


– VW and their plans to overtake Tesla by 2025, ID .3, and rumored ID .1. Will the ID. 1 be VW’s answer for the $25K EV


– California’s approval for the GM Cruise autonomous driving platform to begin providing ride hailing services in San Francisco, without a human aid or monitor in the vehicle. Are autonomous vehicles on public roads finally becoming a reality, or will it remain a pilot project.


Let us know what you think these topics.

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