California Moves Closer to 100% Clean Energy Goal

Wind Farm, Palm Springs, California, USA

California Moves Closer to 100% Clean Energy Goal

Last Saturday, California briefly got closer to achieving its goal of obtaining 100% of its power from clean energy.


The Golden State’s main electric grid ran on 99.87% renewable energy for about two minutes on Saturday, the California Independent Operator (CAISO) said in a Twitter statement. That broke a previous record of 97.58% that was set on April 3, CAISO stated.


California has set a target to have all of its electricity come from renewable or zero-carbon energy sources by 2045. Hitting close to that target, even briefly, helps demonstrate the advances being made toward the state achieving its zero-carbon energy goal, according to CAISO. 


California, however, still faces challenges in its transition away from fossil fuels. The state has struggled with serving energy demands during heatwaves.

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