Hertz to Offer 25,000 EVs to Uber Drivers Across Europe

Hertz EV Car Rental with Polestar 2

Hertz to Offer 25,000 EVs to Uber Drivers Across Europe

The rollout of the rental partnership, starting this month in London, will allow Uber drivers to rent models from Tesla and Polestar.

Hertz EV Car Rental with Polestar 2

In an effort to provide more sustainable transportation options and one of the world’s largest EV rental fleets, rental car company Hertz is set to offer 25,000 electric vehicle rentals to Uber drivers in Europe by 2025. The program will also be expanded other European capitals, including Paris and Amsterdam this year.


This move is part of Hertz’s larger plan to provide 50,000 Tesla vehicle rentals to Uber drivers in the United States. The company is also investing in charging infrastructure to support these vehicles.


This announcement comes at a time when cities across Europe are implementing stricter emissions regulations and promoting the use of electric vehicles. By offering EV rentals to Uber drivers, Hertz is positioning itself as a leader in sustainable transportation and addressing the growing demand for clean energy vehicle options.


Hertz’s initiative to provide EV rentals to Uber drivers is a win-win situation. It not only helps Hertz move toward achieving its sustainability goals, but also it helps Uber drivers to comply with stricter emissions regulations and to provide a greener product offering to their passengers.


Hertz’s plan to offer 25,000 EV rentals to Uber drivers in Europe is a significant step towards increasing sustainability in the transportation industry and transitioning toward e-mobility. Furthermore, it is a major acknowledgment by the company of the importance of reducing  its carbon footprint and investing in clean energy options.


The companies reported on Tuesday that to date, nearly 50,000 U.S. Uber drivers have rented a Tesla through the program, so far completing more than 24 million fully-electric trips covering more than 260 million miles (418 million km).


In the U.S. deal, Hertz EV rentals for Uber drivers were said to start at $334 (€‎310) a week, including insurance and maintenance, and consist mostly of the Tesla Model 3 sedan.


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