Vestas Introduces Medium to Low Wind Condition Turbine


Vestas Introduces Medium to Low Wind Condition Turbine

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To support the accelerating energy transition to renewable energy in the coming decade, wind turbine manufacturer, Vestas has introduced the V163-4.5 MW wind turbine. This turbine expands their 4 Megawatt platform and is suited to wind farms with medium to low wind conditions.


The V163-4.5 MW wind turbine features an 18 percent increase in swept area and delivers up to ten percent higher

Annual Energy Production compared to their  V150-4.5 MW depending on site-specific

conditions. With 80.1 meter blades, the V163-4.5 MW has a large rotor-size-to-rating ratio, resulting in a higher

capacity factor and an increased power output at medium and lower wind speeds when demand for

renewables is high. 


Furthermore, temperature operation of the V163-4.5 MW has increased by four degrees compared the V150-

4.5 MW. This leads to improved production predictability and stability with the potential to increase the value

of energy.


“The V163-4.5 MW improves business case certainty for our customers, and as it is built on one of the

world’s most installed wind turbine platforms with a well-established global supply chain, it allows us to

realize the full value of the investments made by Vestas and our suppliers through extending our technology

lifecycles. The V163-4.5MW reduces the risk for customers, while ensuring that we design for scalability,

which is key to our technological ambitions. This signals a new step in Vestas’ journey to drive

industrialization across renewables, and a pathway to increased profitability for the wind industry”, said

Anders Nielsen, Vestas’ Chief Technology Officer.


The V163-4.5 MW is globally applicable, although it is particularly relevant for sites in the USA, Latin

America, South Africa and parts of southern Europe. The exceptionally high and stable energy production at

wind farm level, paired with a well-established global supply network, enables accelerated build-out and expanded wind penetration opportunities on sites beyond the usual ideal wind conditions.


The new variant underlines the scalability and the modularization approach applied across Vestas’ wind

turbine platforms, as it shares most major functional and physical designs across modules with the V150-4.2

MW and the V150-4.5 MW. 

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