Nissan Accelerates Towards Electrification with Significant UK Investment

Nissan accelerates its journey towards a sustainable future, announcing that all new cars in Europe will be fully electric, with a 100% electric passenger car lineup by 2030. This initiative, centered around the Sunderland plant, marks the beginning phase of the company's transition toward full electrification.

Nissan has announced plans that key vehicle models produced at its Sunderland, UK plant will be entirely electric. This bold move is a significant step towards Nissan’s vision for a zero emissions future. The transformation encompasses the electrification of Nissan’s best-selling Qashqai and JUKE crossovers, along with the next-generation LEAF.


The EV36Zero hub in Sunderland is set to become a blueprint of modern manufacturing, featuring three electric vehicles, three gigafactories, and an investment of up to £3bn. This initiative is not only a win for Nissan’s 7,000 UK employees but also bolsters the 30,000 jobs supported in the UK supply chain.


Powering both vehicle and battery manufacturing, the EV36Zero hub will utilize a wind and solar-based microgrid, ensuring the delivery of 100% renewable energy. With this, Nissan aligns its manufacturing processes with its sustainability goals.


Nissan’s commitment extends beyond the Sunderland plant. The company announced that all its new cars in Europe will be fully electric, targeting a 100% electric passenger car lineup by 2030. This strategy aligns with Nissan’s Ambition 2030 vision, aiming for a cleaner, safer, and more inclusive world.


The venture has received strong support from UK leaders, marking it as a significant boost for the UK automotive industry and shaping Sunderland as a hub for electric vehicle innovation.


Nissan’s transformation underlines a pivotal moment in automotive history, as the industry shifts gears towards a more sustainable and electrically powered future.

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