The Future of Mobility Imagined Through A Digitally Connected Ecosystem


Woven Planet


Smart City / Mobility


Woven City, Japan


Woven Planet Group represents a shift from the traditional focus on vehicle automation into the next generation of human-centered mobility solutions. Its new approach looks far beyond how people currently move and expands to include how goods, services, and information are exchanged across society, how people interact with each other, and how its actions can positively impact the planet.

This business definition of the novel mobility service outlines the opportunities, approach, competition, and challenges associated with realizing the proposed Woven One mobility service.

Woven One is a mobility-centered digital services platform founded on Woven Planet Group’s:


o   Mobility to Love, Safety to Live

o   Extraordinary Experiences with Everyday Mobility


o   Actively listen to the needs and desires of individuals and societies

o   Transform their dreams into reality


o   Pioneer safe, planet-friendly, and personally fulfilling real-world solutions


A unified digital and mobile platform that fully integrates, utilizes and advances the capabilities of 

  • Woven City Mobility
  • Woven Core
    • Toyota Teammate
  • Woven Alpha
    • Arene
  • Toyota Mobility
    • Toyota e-Palette

Woven One Is Data Driven

A data-driven approach enables Woven City Mobility organize its data with the goal of optimally serving its consumers.

By using data to drive Woven One, the platform can contextualise and/or personalize the experience in a customer-centric manner to most effectively help him/her accomplish her desired mobility actions.

Furthermore, the Woven City Mobility team can make effective, customer-focused strategic decisions based on data analysis and interpretation.

Woven One is scalable

Woven One leverages state-of-the-art technology frameworks to incorporate new features and evolve existing ones

    • To scale along with Woven City Mobility, Core, Alpha and Toyota Mobility
    • To continually evolve to meet the needs and desires of individuals and communities

Woven One's Core Functions

Woven One is human-centered. The future of mobility, specifically in Woven City, works within a holistic ecosystem. The proposed service therefore ranges from shopping and lifestyle, healthcare and government services, mobility solutions, transit and travel, useful community and local area data, to identity solutions for digital key and payments. This enables Woven City to offer relevant, adaptive and scalable services that ensures human-centered mobility well into the future.

Woven One’s digital platform is diverse, founded on helping people ‘act’ based on a set of core functions that are:

  1. Common to his/her daily mobility
    • Do
    • Live
    • Share
    • Go
    • Connect
    • Identity
  1. Available within a few minutes of the person’s desired actions