Net Zero Innovation

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Lead with Sustainable Practices

Mounting pressure from stakeholders, evolving regulations, and the tangible risks of climate change demand a bold response. Impact partners with you to transform those challenges into a competitive advantage. Our expertise in climate policy and decarbonization empowers you to optimize energy consumption, reduce emissions, and achieve your Net Zero goals.

Whether you’re starting your journey or refining existing processes, we deliver a personalized roadmap for success. Our approach aligns with evolving legislation and voluntary standards to ensure compliance and demonstrate leadership.

Carbon Footprint Assessment

Gain a deep understanding of your organization’s carbon footprint across all scopes (1, 2, and 3). Our comprehensive assessment provides accurate data on your emissions sources, empowering you to set informed reduction targets and develop impactful decarbonization strategies.

What We Do:

  • Scope 1 Analysis: Meticulous assessment of direct emissions from your company-owned facilities and operations.
  • Scope 2 Analysis: Evaluation of emissions associated with purchased energy (electricity, heat, etc.).
  • Scope 3 Assessment: Collaboration with you to identify and quantify value chain emissions (suppliers, transportation, etc.).
  • Data-Driven Insights: We analyze your results to uncover emissions hotspots and prioritize reduction opportunities.

Target Setting & Decarbonization Roadmaps

Science demands action. Impact empowers you to translate climate ambition into a tangible roadmap for achieving your carbon reduction goals. We partner with you to:

  • Set Science-Based Targets: We analyze your emissions data and industry trends to define ambitious yet achievable reduction targets aligned with the Paris Agreement and scientific consensus.
  • Develop a Decarbonization Roadmap: Our collaborative process creates a clear roadmap with specific actions, timelines, and milestones to guide your emissions reduction journey.
  • Prioritize High-Impact Strategies: We identify the most effective strategies for reducing emissions across all scopes (1, 2, and 3) based on your unique business context.
  • Facilitate Continuous Improvement: The roadmap is a living document, reviewed and adjusted as your sustainability efforts evolve.

Low-Carbon Technologies & Processes

We partner with you to unlock the transformative potential of low-carbon technologies and processes. We go beyond assessments to provide a comprehensive solution that drives real-world impact in your operations.

Our Approach:

  • Feasibility Assessment: We conduct a thorough evaluation to identify the most suitable low-carbon solutions aligned with your business needs, budget, and infrastructure.
  • Technology Implementation: Our team of experts guides you through the selection, procurement, and installation of energy-efficient equipment and sustainable solutions.
  • Process Optimization: We analyze your workflows and identify opportunities to integrate low-carbon practices across your operations, including:
    • Electrification: Transitioning to electric vehicles, equipment, and processes where feasible.
    • Energy Management Systems: Implementing systems to optimize energy use, reduce waste, and gain real-time insights.
    • Green Building Solutions: Upgrading facilities with energy-efficient lighting, insulation, and renewable energy generation options.
    • Efficient Transportation: Encouraging low-carbon fleet management practices, route optimization, and alternative fuel options.
    • Circular Economy Practices: Minimizing waste and maximizing resource recovery through practices like recycling, reuse, and redesign.
  • Change Management: We support the successful integration of new technologies and processes through effective communication, training, and employee engagement.

Strategy Development

you to develop a robust Net Zero strategy that aligns your business with the most ambitious climate goals. We help you go beyond aspiration by creating detailed implementation plans with clear timelines and measurable outcomes.

Our Approach:

  • Emissions Baseline: We establish an accurate understanding of your current emissions profile.
  • Target Setting: Our guidance ensures ambitious interim reduction targets align with the latest climate science and your business capabilities.
  • Pathway Development: We design a roadmap with prioritized decarbonization initiatives, including process optimizations, technology implementation, and potential offsets.
  • Carbon Removal Strategies: We advise on the feasibility and integration of carbon removal technologies (natural or engineered), factoring in cost, scalability, and your unique context.
  • Monitoring & Verification: We help establish systems to track progress, verify claims, and adapt your strategy for continuous improvement.

Implementation & Support

Transform your decarbonization roadmap into on-the-ground results. Impact provides expert guidance and practical support to ensure the seamless implementation of your low-carbon technologies and processes.

Our Approach:

  • Project Management: We manage the complexities of your implementation, ensuring projects stay on track, within budget, and aligned with sustainability goals.
  • Technical Expertise: Our team provides technical support for the installation, configuration, and optimization of low-carbon solutions.
  • Troubleshooting & Optimization: We anticipate challenges, proactively troubleshoot, and refine processes for maximum efficiency.
  • Performance Monitoring: We track and report on operational performance and emissions reductions to measure success against targets.
  • Employee Engagement: We provide training and communication support to ensure smooth adoption of new technologies or processes throughout your organization.

Net Zero Innovation

Learn more about how our Net Zero Innovation solutions can benefit your business.

Mitigate Climate Risk, Maximize Opportunities

Operational Efficiency

Identify opportunities for cost savings through energy optimization and reduced emissions.

Competitive Advantage

Position your company or organization as a leader in the transition to a low-carbon economy.

Informed Target Setting

Establish science-aligned reduction targets based on a robust understanding of your baseline emissions.

Compliance Readiness

Our assessment aligns with reporting standards to ensure regulatory transparency.

Increased Innovation

Embrace new technologies and processes that can drive competitive differentiation.

Transparency & Accountability

Demonstrate your commitment to climate action with a clear roadmap and measurable goals.

Partner with Impact to build a future-proof business driven by resilience, innovation, and purpose. Our comprehensive sustainability services empower you to mitigate climate risks, enhance your reputation, attract top talent, drive operational efficiency, and lead the way toward a more equitable and sustainable world.

Sustainability Frameworks We Know and Follow

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Methodology: How we work to make a difference – for the better!

With our portfolio of services and industry expertise, we create a customized Net Zero Innovation roadmap designed for your long-term success.

Net Zero Innovation

Transform your business with our Net Zero Innovation solutions. 

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