Happy New Year! – Mirai’s Outlook For 2022

We wanted to welcome in the new year with warm wishes to you for a positive and prosperous new year. 

2022 is a year that’s full of anticipation for Mirai. While we cannot predict the year ahead, we know that it’s a certainty that this year will be full of changes and new opportunities.

Our mission for the year is focused on the following:

Adapting to uncertainties in the market

This means helping our clients best position themselves for rapid digitalization – including making smart investments in Digital, establishing the right fit and roadmap for their business, responding to their customers more proactively and effectively, and realizing operational, financial and customer satsifaction benefits from their actions.

Advancing the push toward Sustainability and e-Mobility

While uncertainty and risks, largely related to the COVID-19 pandemic, remains a big consideration across the globe, the indicators for opportunity in renewables, digital and e-mobility are quite strong. Therefore, it is necessary to identify the windows for opportunities, evaluate their potential, use the best available resources and insights to determine the best approach and act quickly.

Where opportunities for renewables, sustainability and e-mobility are simply in the ‘evaluation’ phase, which is a common theme across all levels of government around the world, we believe it is important to prevent these opportunities from being shelved or abandoned. Our solution is to advocate, keep the lines of communication open, inform and maintain a level of readiness with the key ideas and pieces to move forward. 

It’s not just governments. The business, commercial and industrial sectors are even bigger factors. Market forces will likely prove to be an even greater catalyst for the advancement of sustainability, renewables and e-Mobility. Several global companies are already making the push. 

We closely follow the developments with these companies and use them as considerations for how and where Mirai should be focused.

Although we don’t know when this pandemic will end, we believe it’s best not to wait for its end. We are operating with the end in mind and look forward to beginning.

We will be quite active in our communication, not only here and across out digital channels, but wherever opportunities are most valuable. We invite you to be part of the conversation. 

And so much more!

There’s simply no time to write a book about the present state of affairs, as well as the possibilities that exist and are yet to be determined.

We are very excited about what 2022 holds and what we can do. 

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