Mirai Unveils Its Redesigned Website

Mirai has launched a redesign of its website, www.miraidsp.com.  The  site now features a cleaner and more contemporary design.  The redesign includes aesthetic enhancements to provide a more engaging user experience and enhanced navigation to help our visitors easily find the information they need.

Visitors can more easily browse Mirai’s services, and subscribe to the Clean Earth Energy blog.  The landing pages of the website provides visitors with content introducing them to Sustainability, Renewable Energy, e-Mobility and Digital Transformation concepts. 

“There have been rapid advancements within the business and regulatory environments related to Renewable Energy, Sustainability and e-Mobility. The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic will accelerate Digital Transformation and the enablement of eCommerce for many businesses.”, said Mark Wyche, Founder at Mirai.

“Our goal was to create a website providing engaging content and resources to support these developments.”

“I’m proud to launch the new Mirai website. We believe the redesign will reinforce Mirai’s position as a thought leader in Sustainability, eCommerce and Digital. With the new design, we expect an increase in website visitors and content consumption. We look forward to feedback and the exciting new developments to come.”, Mark added.

Learn more about Mirai here.

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Picture of Mark Wyche

Mark Wyche

Mark is the founder of Mirai, where he oversees all things related to Digital, Renewable Energy, Sustainability and e-Mobility subject areas that he's passionate about. He believes in the positive impact clean energy and electrification can have on our planet. Mark also loves adventure travel, motorsport and photography.